Massari-как его имя, фамилия ,откуда родом?

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подскажите исполнитель massari-как его имя, фамилия ,откуда родом.
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Игорь, его биографию я переводила с англоязычного сайта, поэтому не обессудте. "Сейчас ему 25 лет, по знаку зодиака он Стрелец, родился в Бейруте, Ливан, переехал в Монреаль, в возрасте 10 лет, а в 13 он переехал в Оттаву, где он сейчас проживает. Знает 3 языка - он говорит на английском, французском и арабском языках, свободно цитирует Майкла Джексона, Stevie Wonder, а Aretha Франклин как музыкальные влияния. Тем не менее, с возрастом он подвергался различным стилям музыки, но тем не менее главное музыкальное влияние на него оказывает крупнейший легендарный арабский певец Джордж Wassouf. "Я пою от моего сердца, и Джордж Wassouf научил меня делать это".

А дальше, если вас интересует..можете перевести дальше
In 2002, Massari recorded and released "Spitfire" which garnered heavy rotation on Ottawa radio stations. Since then, Massari has been steadily writing and developing his sound and is back in 2005 with his self-titled debut album set for release on May 31st, 2005 through MapleNationWide/Universal. The lead single off the release "Smile For Me" features former Bad Boy Entertainment recording artist Loon. "I'm definitely very selective about the records I get on. It didn't matter if he was an established artist or not, it was just the quality of the record, the quality of the music that made me want to get involved", says Loon about his involvement with Massari and the Capital Prophet Records crew. "I'm very proud to be one of the first Canadian male R&B singers to record with a major recording artist from the States", says Massari. The end result was a hit single that spent 24 weeks on the Top 40 chart, peaking at #18 (BDS CHR) in Canada. Canadian award-winning music video director RT! was responsible for making the "Smile For Me" video one of the hottest urban videos by a Canadian artist. The video was
immediately added to heavy rotation at MuchMusic, MuchVibe, and MTV Canada.

Canada and the United States were the first to play "Smile For Me", however other countries such as Germany, Australia, Brazil and the UK have begun playing the hit song.

With the recent release of Massari's much-anticipated second single "Be Easy", the pressure was on to keep the momentum going in the weeks leading up to the debut album release. "Be Easy" received early support from radio stations across Canada. The video, once again directed by music video director RT!, was instantly added to heavy rotation across the board on MuchMusic, MuchVibe and MTV2 and added into "Reaction" rotation at Musique Plus.

For this record, Massari worked closely with the Capital Prophet Records
production team comprised of Da Heala and Lynx. "Their vibe is a perfect match for my sound and style", explains Massari. The album draws influences from his middle-eastern origins. "Because of my background, my music is heavily influenced with middle-eastern melodies. Over the past few years so many artists are trying to bring Arabic styles into their music, but mine is authentic." Along with its culturally rich sound the album with its upbeat club-style tracks, mid-tempo joints and smooth ballads pays special tribute to the ladies. "My music is made for the ladies because that's where I get my inspiration. You'll notice a lot of the music is upbeat and positive. Women give off so much energy; it's hard not to be inspired by them."
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